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Change Your Tune
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Change Your Tune is a year-long artist residency project run by the Mousetrap theatre Company to support schools.

This year they chose Gateway as one of their partner schools. The company worked closely with the staff and children in Year 6 to agree the project theme, before appointing a team of skilled artists (a Composer, a Writer and a Director) to work within the school to create and stage a brand new musical with the children.

We have now reached the end of a hugely challenging and brilliant year-long project. We are thrilled to have completed the project despite the toughest of circumstances, and that’s with huge thanks to the determination and commitment of everyone involved who’ve made it happen.

In an ordinary year the project would have culminated with a live stage performance of the pupils’ musical - however 2020/21 has been no ordinary academic year! Due to ever-changing COVID-19 regulations, the team decided to work with the children to create and record an audio musical instead.

Follow the link below to listen to The Key: an original musical audio story by Year 6 Pupils at Gateway Academy.

Click here to listen to The Key