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What it was…..

Year 5 competed in BITC Sports Inspired Community Games 2012

What was said……

I took part as a volunteer (employee in the Lloyds Banking Group) in the above event today at the Little Venice Sports Centre and wanted to drop you a line to say how impressed I was with the group of 8 students (Team 10) from your school.

They were keen, enthusiastic and very polite – the behaviours of which speaks highly of your school and your teachers.

I live in Maida Vale and am a regular user of buses number 6 and 98 and see the next age group (I am guessing early teens) on these buses which can sometimes be an unfavourable experience.  The event today was a little bit of an eye opener in that children do still say please and thank you.

Anita Saldanha


What it was …..

Pupil assisting the elderly on Edgware Road

What was said…..

I am writing to praise one of your students who assisted officers today by helping an elderly gentleman who was lost on Edgware Road to find his way to Bell Street.

I was very impressed with his behaviour, confidence and communication skills and thought that he displayed great citizenship.

I took his name and told him that I would be contacting his school and that he should be rewarded for his behaviour.  Both the school and his family should be proud of this student for setting such a good example.

I hope he keeps up this behaviour for when he embarks on his new journey into high school/year 7.  Well done Waleed!

PC Rachel Morrison
Safer School Officer


What it was…..

Year 5 Visit to the local Library

What was said…..

The class was absolutely fantastic and Mr Coughlan and his colleagues were brilliant.  The children have such great imaginations and some amazing writing took place.  They are a credit to you. We have kept some of the stories as some may be published in a short book of Church Street.  Look forward to seeing the class tomorrow.  I must say you are very forthcoming as a school, and it is fantastic that you are willing to work with the local community library – thank you for all your support and hopefully future support.

Patsy Brogan
Westminster Library Service



What it was…..

Travelling on public transport

What was said…..

I felt I must write to compliment you on your pupils’ behaviour this morning.  I shared the tube from Edgware Road to Barbican (where I disembarked) with a group of your pupils and three members of staff.  The children were delightful – well behaved, following their teachers’ instructions and well-mannered, asking adults who boarded the train whether they wanted seats.  Please pass on my comments to them and your members of staff, they are credit to the school.

Corinna Demmar
Member of public


People are always quick to criticise but do not always give praise where praise is due. Today my husband and I were waiting on Putney Bridge Station for a train to Edgware Road and also waiting was a class of pupils from your school. They got on the first train and we waited for the next one thinking it would be noisy and when we got the next station, they were waiting to get on our train. When they got on the train, accompanied by three members of staff, they sat down and were asked by a teacher to be “sleeping lions”. They were all quiet for the rest of the journey and so well behaved that they were a credit to your school.  Congratulations and well done.

Tricia Harrup
Member of public


What it was…..

Coffee Morning – external guest speakers

What was said…..

I am writing to thank you for the support that you have provided in reaching so many of your parents through your excellent programme of Coffee Mornings.  The sessions that we have held over the past few terms have been an incredibly useful opportunity to deliver our outreach work.

I have always found the sessions to be well organised, well attended and engaging the correct parents about the issues on which we are there to speak upon such as housing, benefits, debt and jobs.

It has been invaluable having both Arabic and Bengali speakers from school available to ensure that parents are able to fully express their concerns and understand the advice given to them on these life changing matters.

The school’s organisation of these coffee mornings and structure behind them helps ensure that not only do the advisors attending have the time to meet everyone who needs to be seen, but the parents also have allocated slots to talk about matters with a balance of open discussion and private 1-2-1 advice.

Bassam Mahfouz
Advice Plus Co-Ordinator