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Welcome to Nursery

Here is some information about Gateway Academy.

If you are new to Gateway, click here to read our Welcome to Nursery guide. 

Lelia BoohanThis is a picture of your year group lead. Their name is Mrs Boohan.

The other teachers in Nursery are:

  • Miss Eva
  • Miss Kavita

The teaching assistants in Nursery are:

  • Mrs Toki
  • Ms Tiniaieva
  • Ms Ehmimed

School uniform

Our school uniform is:

  • Red or white polo/T shirt
  • Red sweatshirt with Gateway Academy logo – this is the only item that must be purchased from the Academy shop
  • Grey or black trousers or skirt/dress
  • In the summer red gingham summer dresses are also an option
  • Plain black foot-wear - no logos (i.e. Nike ticks)

The Academy also sells book bags and rucksacks with the Gateway Academy logo on.


Lunchtime starts at 11.30am.

It finishes at 12.30pm.



Lunchtime is ‘family service’ and there are additional staff to support the children as they taste new food and begin to make choices.



Gateway Manners

Using our Gateway manners helps to keep Gateway a happy and safe place to be.



  • We say ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ when we walk past an adult we know.
  • We say ‘please ‘and ‘thank you’.
  • We ask if we can borrow something, we don’t just take.
  • We wait for our turn.
  • We say ‘excuse me’ rather than pushing past someone.
  • We hold the door open for a person coming in, especially if they are carrying something heavy.
  • When we greet people, we look them in the eye and smile.

The start of the day and end of the day arrangements




Start of the day

Nursery outside area


End of morning session

Nursery outside area


Start of afternoon session

Nursery outside area


End of the day

Nursery outside area



On the last day of each term, ALL children will finish at 12:30.