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How we teach Relationships & Health Education

It is our intent to provide all children with a broad and balanced curriculum that aims to prepare children for adult life by supporting them through their physical, emotional and moral development, helping them to understand themselves, respect others, form, and sustain healthy relationships.


We do this via our Personal, Social, Health and Economic curriculum (PSHE )

PSHE is a non-statutory subject. However, there are many aspects that we are now required to teach - that are statutory.


The teaching of Relationship Education and Health Education has been statutory for all schools since September 2020. However, the DfE gave schools the option of delaying implementation until the start of the summer term 2021. This was so that schools had more time to share the curriculum with parents and for parents to ask questions.


We have been working with Governors, teachers and families for a period of almost 2 years now. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic parents with children in year 4, year 5 and year 6 did not have the opportunity to see lesson plans or ask questions.


As we are still in lockdown, and large meetings of adults are not safe or permitted, our plan is to update parents via a presentation. Here we will outline the government strategy and share with you some of the lessons and resources teachers have written for the children. 


At the end of the presentation, parents will then have the opportunity to submit questions. Towards the end of term, we will then share a document responding to frequently asked questions.


If you would rather speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team, both Mrs Breslin and Ms Lochner are around at the start and end day.


  • Select the tab for the year group your child is in: Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6
  • Enter the password on the letter sent home with the children
  • Play the presentation – selecting the video, audio and document links as you go
  • At the end you will be given the opportunity to submit questions via a link to a google form