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Gateway Goes Green.

We are constantly striving to make Gateway a more sustainable school.   Sustainability is an integral part of the school ethos as we think about the impact that our actions have on the environment. 

Sustainability is taught throughout the school in lots of different subjects.  We combine the theory of sustainability with a hands on approach to get the children involved in everything from recycling to planting, composting and saving energy. 

Eco Club is an action committee made up of one child from each class. 

Their job is to periodically carry out an Environment review and create an action plan.  They are then responsible for being the Eco ambassadors for their class.  We have a fantastic outdoor classroom, complete with its own wind turbine, solar panel, water butt and compost facilities where the children learn to utilise the worlds’ natural resources.  We also have fantastic areas both indoors and outdoors for growing a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and plants.  We are always very pleased to harvest our home grown produce and we developing our own little social enterprise by selling to parents. 

Sustainability is taught across the curriculum in a variety of subjects such as Science, Geography, PSHE, Spanish, Literacy and DT.  But to create the sustainable environment we are aiming for, students and teachers alike are encouraged and encourage each other to think sustainably throughout the day through simple actions such as turning off lights and closing doors to keep heat in.

You can help our children to think about their impact on the environment by recycling, saving energy, walking more…. Lots of simple actions that combined will make a big difference.  Why not try planting a seed with your child and watching it grow into something you can cook – it’s easier than you think and we’re happy to help if you want more ideas on how to get started.