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Vision and Values

We all work together to make Gateway a safe and healthy school where everyone achieves their best. We never give up when faced with a challenge. We are kind to one another and tell the truth. Our school is a wonderful place to be.


Achievement Winner

I received the Achievement Award in 1 Amber because I worked hard to improve my writing and I have made huge progress. I now use finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and interesting words to create brilliant sentences! I received the Achievement sticker and badge!



Challenge Winner

I received the challenge award for science as I worked to the best of my ability, answering questions and making predictions. I sometimes find science challenging but I always try to understand the difficult scientific concepts.



Co-operation Winner

I received the Co-operation Award in 3 Scarlet because I always try to use my initiative to help others. In a drawing activity in Art, I organised my group to help produce some impressive artwork. The sketches were based on relationships. I always try to be very respectful towards my classmates.


Determination Winner

I received the determination award in 4 Lilac because I showed great persistence and determination in learning how to write in English. I am starting to form most of my letters correctly and has shown an understanding of basic punctuation. I am now learning how to structure entire sentences, as demonstrated in my work.


Equality Winner

I always try to be kind and polite. I try my best to make everyone feel included whether I am working with a group in class or playing in the playground. Equality is very important to me.


Staying Safe

Staying Safe Winner

I received the Staying Safe Award because of the way I helped younger children. I showed the reception children how to behave safely in the dinner hall and also helped during the Year 1 & 2 Sports Day. I helped the children cross the road on the way to Sports Day and made sure they were safe as they took part in all the Sports Day events.


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