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Head Teacher

Ms Lochner

Deputy Head Teachers

Mrs Breslin

Ms Donnelly

Mr Wood

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Pieris

Mrs Cleary

Ms Symons


Business Manager: Paul Newman

PA to Head Teacher: Jackie Cornelius

Administrator: Sue Rego, Amina El-Guennouni

Foundation Stage


Mrs Boohan (Year Leader)

Mrs Fernandez-Rahman

Miss Hasson


Red: Ms Leahy

Blue: Mrs Meah

Yellow: Mrs Daka

Ms Symons (Year Leader)

Key Stage 1

Year 1:

Orange Class: Miss Burke

Amber Class: Miss Flanagan

Peach Class: Mrs Bryant & Mrs Caspi (Year Leader)

Miss Ricketts & Miss Candusso

Year 2:

Emerald Class: Mr Streather

Jade Class : Miss Booth-Clibborn

Olive Class : Miss Pears

Mrs Jouied & Miss Sutton 

Key Stage 2

Year 3:

Scarlet: Mrs York

Cherry: Mrs Amini & Mr Harwood (Year Leader)

Ruby: Miss Lattimer

Miss Irving, Ms Christman

Year 4:

Lilac: Mrs Lewis-King, 

Violet: Miss Bayley, Miss Nasser & Mrs Irvine-Brown

Lavender: Mr Hosken

Ms McDonald & Miss Bronwin (Year Leader)

Year 5:

Fuchsia: Mr Finlay

Magenta: Miss McTaggart

Cerise: Miss Williams

Mr Cahill & Mr Goodsir (Year Leader)

Year 6:

Sapphire: Mr Hobbs & Mr Coughlan

Turquoise: Miss Cole & Mrs Cleary (Year Leader)

Indigo: Mrs Pieris & Mr Rowlands 

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