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PART 1 Governance

Gateway Academy Trust

An Academy Trust is a particular type of company, officially called a 'charitable company limited by guarantee'.

Our company number is 08556180. Unlike other companies an Academy Trust has no share capital and is required to direct all funds received to achieving the objectives of the Trust.

In the case of the Gateway Academy Trust, the primary objective - as stated in its articles of association - is 'to advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom'.

The Governing Body (Comprising of Academy Members and Directors)

The Governing Body is appointed under the terms of Gateway Academy’s articles of association.

The Members of the Academy Trust

Members have a number of statutory rights, including the ability to appoint and remove directors, to amend the constitution subject to DfE approval and to appoint external auditors.

The members of Gateway Academy Trust are:

  • Mrs Hacker (Chair of the Governors)
  • Mr Ridley (Vice Chair of the Governors)
  • Mr Bourguignon (Chair of the Finance Committee)
  • Mrs El Hasskouri (Nominated Parent Governor)

The Directors

The Directors are responsible to the Members and have ultimate control of Gateway Academy. Its duty is to manage the Trust's affairs, ensure compliance with regulatory and statutory duties and assumes the responsibility of employer. All of our Directors have a duty to act within the Trust's objects and powers, without conflict of interests and without personal benefit.

The Directors of Gateway Academy Trust are:

  • Mrs Hacker (Chair of the Governors – date of appointment 29/06/17)
  • Mr Ridley (Vice Chair of the Governors - date of appointment 16/05/2014)
  • Mrs El Hasskouri (Nominated Parent Governor - date of appointment 28/11/2013)
  • Mr Amieur (Parent Governor- date of appointment 29/06/17)
  • Mrs Ahmed (Parent Governor – 14/05/2014)
  • Mrs Naher (Parent Governor - date of appointment 12/03/15)
  • Mr Taleouine (Parent Governor - date of appointment 01/02/2017)
  • Mr Bourguignon (Chair of Finance Committee - date of appointment 03/10/2013)
  • Ms Butterworth (Appointed Governor - date of appointment 16/05/14)
  • Ms McTaggart (Staff Governor - date of appointment 01/03/2016)
  • Mr Coughlan (Staff Governor - date of appointment 01/02/2017)
  • Ms Troll (Staff Governor - date of appointment 01/10/2015)
  • Ms Koutsika (Appointed Governor - date of appointment 17/03/2016)
  • Ms O'Connor (Appointed Governor- date of appointment 26/05/2016)

All Governors sit on a number of subcommittee

Finance and Premises Committee

  • Mr Bourguignon (Chair)
  • Mr Amieur
  • Ms Butterworth
  • Mrs Hacker
  • Ms O'Connor (Appointed Governor)
  • Ms Lochner (Headteacher)

Attainment and Progress Committee

  • Mrs Hacker (Chair)
  • Mrs El Hasskouri
  • Mrs Ahmed
  • Mrs Naher
  • Mr Taleouine
  • Ms Lochner (Headteacher)

Teaching and Learning Committee

  • Mr Ridley
  • Mrs Ahmed
  • Mrs Breslin
  • Ms Lochner (Headteacher)
  • Mrs Breslin (Deputy Headteacher)

School Development Committee

  • Mr Ridley(Chair)
  • Mrs Breslin
  • Mrs El Hasskouri
  • Ms Lochner (Headteacher)
  • Mrs Hacker

Appointments/HR Committee

  • Mrs Hacker
  • Mrs El Hasskouri
  • Mr Taleouine
  • Mrs Breslin
  • Ms Troll
  • Mrs Ahmed
  • Mrs Butterworth
  • Ms Lochner (Headteacher)

Health and Safety Committee

  • Mr Amieur
  • Mr Taleouine
  • Ms Lochner (Headteacher)

Complaints, Pupil Discipline Committee, Staff Disciplinary/Dismissal Committee, Grievance Committee & Grievance, Personnel and Pay Appeals Committee, Admissions Committee

  • Mr Bourguignon
  • Ms Butterworth
  • Mrs Bye
  • Mrs El Hasskouri
  • Mrs Hacker
  • Mrs Ahmed
  • Mrs Breslin
  • Mr Ridley
  • Mr Taleouine
  • Ms Troll

Leadership Appraisal Group/Pay Committee

  • Mrs Hacker (Chair of Governors)
  • Mr Ridley (Vice Chair)
  • Mr Bourguignon (Chair of Finance & Premises Committee)


PART 2 Governing Documents & Pecuniary Interests

Company information

We are legally required to file certain documents, including full annual accounts, at Companies House and members of the public may check the information held there by going to their search page and entering our company number 08556180. 

Please see below for some of the key documents relating to Gateway Academy Trust, including a declaration of interest for the Board of Directors.

Funding Agreement

Memorandum of Association

Certificate of Incorporation

Articles of Association

Pecuniary Interests

2013- 2014 Value for Money Statement

2014-2015 Annual Report and Financial Statement

2015-2016 Annual Report and Financial Statement

2016-2017 Annual Report and Financial Statement

AGM 2013-2014 Meeting Minutes

AGM 2015-2016 Meeting Minutes

Additional Information

Academies Financial Handbook

Academies Governance Handbook

Academies Governor Induction Policy

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