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Head Teacher

Ms Lochner

Deputy Head Teachers

Mrs Breslin

Mrs Cleary

Mr Wood


Finance Director: Paul Newman

PA to Head Teacher: Jackie Cornelius

Administrators: Sue Rego,  Amina El-Guennouni


Ms Irving

Foundation Stage


Mrs Fernandez-Rahman

Mrs Boohan (Year Group Leader)

Ms Broad


Yellow: Ms McCutcheon & Ms Rosin

Blue:  Ms Weis & Mrs Meah (Year Group Leader - Parent Liaison)

Red: Ms Woods & Ms Jouied

Key Stage 1

Year 1:

Orange: Ms Griffiths

Peach: Ms Larkin

Amber: Mrs Daka

Between classes: Ms Flanagan & Ms Ricketts (Year Group Leader)


Year 2:

Emerald: Ms Collins

Jade: Ms Fieldsend

Olive: Ms Mohammed

Between classes:  Ms Rosin & Ms Jouied (Year Group Leader)


Key Stage 2

Year 3:

Ruby: Ms Krobus

Cherry: Mrs Nwandison

Scarlet: Ms Watson

Between Classes: Mr Tait & Mr Rowlands (Year Group Leader)

Year 4:

Lavender: Ms Elliot

Violet: Ms Yussuf

Lilac: Ms Lharri

Between Classes: Mr Tait & Mr Coughlan (Year Group Leader)


Year 5:

Magenta: Ms Palamountain

Cerise: Ms Henley

Fuchsia: Mr Marshall

Between Classes: Ms Walker & Ms McTaggart (Year Group Leader)

Year 6:

Sapphire: Ms Christman & Mrs Amini

Indigo: Mr Finlay & Ms Cole (Year Group Leader)

Turquoise: Ms Hopton & Ms Lattimer

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