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At Gateway we believe that children need to be supported in the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. This must go hand in hand with encouraging all children to see themselves as readers and to value books as a source of pleasure and enjoyment as well as for information. Children need to develop a positive approach to reading and value this as a lifelong skill.

Our policy for teaching reading forms a key element in the teaching of literacy at Gateway.  Guided Reading, whole class text reading and skills based reading lessons are integral aspects of all learning opportunities in literacy. It is our belief that children need to be capable and fluent readers in order to become capable, fluent writers and access the wider curriculum with confidence.

At EYFS and KS1 we recognise the importance of developing children’s speaking and listening skills to the development of literacy skills. The teaching of early reading recognises the importance of phonics. Daily discrete phonic sessions ensure that all children can confidently and fluently decode words. Children take part in weekly guided reading lessons where teachers can target ability groups for children, teaching specific skills.  This in an opportunity for children to apply their phonic knowledge and sight vocabulary to both scheme books and ‘real’ books which are closely matched to their current phonic stage, as well as give further opportunity to develop reading for meaning.

Literacy, especially in upper KS2, is heavily weighted to the learning of reading skills which then in turn can be applied to their writing skills. Children are grouped according to their individual needs and taught the full range of skills that they require to decode a range of texts as well as respond to the texts with insight.

Reading is taught discretely but also applied across the curriculum in all subjects and in a variety of contexts. Children have access to a wide variety of resources. We have a fully stocked library which covers many different genres. Our librarians work very hard to ensure titles are relevant and the children are interested in reading them. Reading skills are applied in all curriculum subjects at Gateway. The high profile of reading is reflected through our book corners, treasure chests and range of books in the classrooms and throughout the Academy.

Parents have the ability to influence their child/children’s attitude to reading and ensuring they have a positive attitude to reading. Talking about books and sharing them together can be an enjoyable and effective activity. We understand that many parents speak more than one language and at Gateway we think that regular practise and a focus on reading for pleasure is a skill everyone can give to their child. Reading with your child can take many forms and doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to a particular genre or even language!  Making sure your child has a quiet place to read is also important. At EYFS, KS1 and lower KS2, we ask for your support in filling out a home/reading record that indicates you have heard your child read. For upper KS2, the children complete reading diaries which gives them an opportunity to apply reading skills learnt in school. 

You can read the Reading Policy here.

You can read the  Early Reading Policy here.

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