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History allows children to develop an awareness of the past and understand more about themselves as individuals and members of society.

At Gateway, children are given opportunities for role play, drawing and making as well as writing. Visits are made to the local area, museums and other places of interest to enhance their learning. They are encouraged to look at images, artefacts and evidence and use ICT for research to expand their historical understanding.

In the infant classes, children begin to make comparisons between past and present and are introduced to different types of historical sources. In Year 1, this is set in the context of the Victorians and in Year 2 the children learn about The Great Fire of London and Florence Nightingale.

In the junior classes, children are encouraged to develop a sense of chronology and learn about changes in everyday life over long periods of time. In Year 3 children are taught about Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. In years 4-6 children are taught about aspects of British History from various eras including the Romans and Anglo-Saxons, the Tudors and World War II. Through the topics learnt the children are able to develop their research, enquiry and communication skills.

How parents can help

Living in London, we have so much history on our door step. Why not take your child to a museum, or read non-fiction books with them about what they are learning in class.  

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